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HI I'm Viktoria, Mum to 8 year Joseph, I started the business after designing a skincare range to help my son when medication and diets failed to relieve his eczema. I needed something affordable that would work, and so thats why I made my own and offered to others what I had needed at the time.

Using 100% natural, organic and ethically sourced ingredients with environmentally friendly packaging the business grew and I opened my first shop in Benson, Oxfordshire in 2016, In 2017 I won 2 Venus awards for New business of the year sponsored by Natwest. 


The family then moved to Anglesey, thinking my business was over I decided to re launch in January 2019 and concentrate on providing local shops with my products instead where through word of mouth my business continues to flourish.

Over the past few year my business has moved in a new direction, I've been using a % of my profits from the skincare range to help causes close to my heart and with a new goal in mind I'm more determined than ever to work for the good of the community and a need locally.

 To find out more and to get involved please do get in touch. Take a look at my blogs and watch this space to follow my story.

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