It started with a dandelion!

My boy Joe started with a patch of eczema on his shoulder, after taking him to the doctors for medication it then spread all over his body making it 100 times worse!

His poor skin became inflamed, itchy and bleeding which would make my boy cry in pain when he got in the bath, It forced me to look into what I was putting on his skin and what I was feeding him. I wanted answers as to why this was happening so that I could help him.

Whilst I was making changes to a more natural lifestyle I made a balm out of dandelions infused with olive oil which had incredible results for Joe's skin. This sparked an interest in making skincare and products that could be used in conjunction with our new natural lifestyle!

I realised quite quickly that my new passion was to provide affordable natural and organic skincare for those with sensitive skin or wanting to achieve a natural lifestyle. 

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