Benefits of Lime essential oil

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

What's not to like about lime essential oil?

Limes are mainly grown in tropical areas, the oil which is cold pressed from the rind of the fruit has a sharp citrus scent and is either pale or light olive colour.

As all of the citrus fruits lime is know for it's refreshing and cleansing properties, it's fresh aroma naturally clears and calms the mind.

It is widely known as a key oil to reduce water retention and puffiness and tackle cellulite. Studies have shown that it can help with weight loss and help to boost the metabolism.

It has a toning effect that aids in clearing acne prone skin, added to a hair rinse it can help remove excess oil and treat dandruff.

The refreshing and stimulating scent relieves stress, exhaustion and anxiety, it naturally helps to calm cold related fevers, boosts the immune system and eases congestion and sinus issues.

The oil has soothing and antiseptic properties to help heal cold sores, insect bites and stings and also is effective when treating cuts.

Definitely one to keep in the cupboard!

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