Our body butter is not the cure but it will help you find it!

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Finding the trigger is the cure to eczema!

I started to research about eczema back in 2011 and the cause of it because of my son,

Eczema is just one of many reactions causing inflammation due to a break down in the immune system triggered by something the body can't cope with and that trigger is different for everyone.

List of the most common triggers

  • Stress

  • Sugar including naturally occurring ones in fruit

  • Gluten

  • Dairy

  • night shades such as peppers, potatoes & tomatoes

  • Shampoo, bubble bath, body wash - cocamidopropyl betaine, SLS & SLES

  • Cleaning products - formaldehyde

  • Laundry detergent & softners

  • Fabrics - especially wool & polyester

  • Fragrances - Air freshener, fabric spray

  • Skincare products - isothiazolinone is an antibacterial in baby wipes

Once I knew what my sons trigger was it was game over for eczema!

Our body butter was created along side our natural soaps to soothe the itch and with the natural vitamins and minerals in each of the ingredients my sons skin was no longer itchy, cracked and broken, allowing the skin time to heal between flare ups, until we found his trigger.

He no longer would have flare ups, the bumps disappeared even the scars were completely gone, it has been years since my son had a flare up and that is thanks to finding the trigger and using the body butter during that time to combat the reaction on the skin!

Our body butter helps to soothe the itch and heal cracked and broken skin until you find the trigger that causes the eczema in the first place!

For more detailed information on each trigger point, reactions & how to find the trigger point, plus benefits of my natural skincare products including all information on natural oils, butters & essential oils please subscribe to my newsletter.

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