Eczema triggers

Updated: Feb 2

Eczema and psoriasis are very common these days but the question I get asked all the time is "why?" there are many reasons why they appear on one person and not another or why it stays a lifetime while others grow out of it.

The simple truth is no one knows for sure there is no rhyme or reason, the only thing we do know is that each person is different and each one has different trigger points. But the common theme is that people with eczema and psoriasis tend to have an over-reactive immune system that when triggered responds by becoming inflamed, irritated and dry. It is this inflammation that causes the red, itchy and painful skin symptoms common to most types of eczema.

I'll be looking into different trigger points and giving some suggestions how to overcome them naturally. This is not a one size fits all, this is try them and see what works for you!

I'll start with sugar as it was my sons trigger point it took some finding because I was breast feeding for the first year, then gave him raw milk, plus I ate healthy? I just couldn't understand but the more I researched the more things I cut out and experimented with the more I found out about what we think is good for us is actually bad, and things we believed are actually a lie. I was astonished so i've spent the last 8 years changing habits and working towards a more natural and healthy lifestyle all of which I will write about in other blogs, hopefully you'll identify with a trigger point and finally come to an end of a life with eczema and psoriasis!

Sugar including naturally occurring ones found in fruit

Types of Sugar

Fructose: found in fruits and honey.

Galactose: found in milk and dairy products.

Glucose: found in honey, fruits and vegetables.

Lactose: found in milk, made from glucose and galactose.

Maltose: found in barley.Sucrose: made up of glucose and fructose and found in plants.

Once I knew what to look out for and once I had found the trigger I was able to make proper informed decisions in my weekly shop and also navigate my son until the age of understanding why he couldn't have certain things.

By the time Joe was 6 he had never eaten a sweet in his life which is why this baffled me for so long, I was careful with what he ate, it sounds ludicrous to cut out fruit but once he stopped eating apples which he ate in abundance he almost overnight stopped getting those little rough bumps on his thighs, within a week he had stopped itching and he could take a shower without crying in pain.

He of course would get upset that he couldn't have what the other kids were having and yes I felt mean, sometimes other mums would say so too!

but ultimately my job as his Mother is to do what's best for him in the short time I have him it's my job to ensure my child grows into a healthy adult and if that means a few tears in the short term and a bit of grief of some mums for long term health gain! I'll take that!

I would say "if you eat this your skin will be itchy again" some times he would have the forbidden items and when the itch started I could gently say "this is the result of" other times he chose not to which meant he was in control of his eczema rather than it controlling him. Within a very short time his skin was clear and has remained clear to this very day, and yes he can now eat fruit and sweets without any affect.

He had understood the consequences for the short term, and working together we have built up his immune system so now he can eat what he likes, but always with a gentle reminder "sweets are not good for your teeth" "processed food is not good for your gut"

Every child is different and every body can take stuff what others can't, once the immune system gets overloaded problems occur, once we find the right trigger point we can allow the body in it's own time to develop a healthy immune system which will eventually fight in the future what the body is rejecting now. Find the trigger cure the problem!

I'm trying to teach my child what I didn't know, convenience is easy but harmful, natural takes time but is beneficial. In a society where everything is at the rush I want Joe to slow down and truly live the very short life we have to the fullest!

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