Product - Gift Box

Product details - Packages made up to the value of £10 £20 £30 £40 or £50

What it does - For a detailed overview of products please see individual information.

Organic & Natural Ingredients - For individual ingredients please see product descriptions

Directions - Select a monetary value box then select a blend then select bath or shower options.

Blends - Serenity - Lavender, clary sage, bergamot, mint, patchouli, vertivert & cedarwood, Peaceful - Orange, ylang ylang, ginger lily, aniseed, cypress, tagette & cedarwood

Notes - Eco friendly packaging that can be reused, recycled or composted.

Prices - REDUCED buying in bulk and passing on the savings! Natural & organic does not have to be expensive!

Postage & packaging- Based on weight, you pay only what I pay! 1kg = £4 /2kg =£6 /2 + kg =£8

Gift Box

  • My business was set up initially to help people with skin issues like my son, I wanted to make an affordable, natural and practical product to suit all the family.

    Now my business is established and my products have helped so many I want my products to continue doing so long after the skin has been healed.

    10% of my profits go towards community projects including one I've set up for my local community. For more information please check out my social media and blogs!